“Tsetsii” Wind Farm

Clean Energy Asia LLC (CEA), as a special purpose vehicle company, is developing the 50MW (25 wind turbine generator (WTG) Tsetsii Wind Farm (Project). The Project lenders include the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Project will be constructed under Lender’s strict environmental and social requirements.

The proposed Project site comprises approximately 7 km² of remote desert located approximately 495km and 22km south of settlement of Tsogttsetsii soum. In addition to the WTGs and their foundations, a network of around 18km of underground cabling will be installed to collect the energy generated by the WTGs and transmitted to an on-site substation. The on-site substation will transport the electricity generated via a 34km overhead transmission line to the main grid at Tavan Tolgoi Substation (TTSS).
The Project aims to meet this demand in rural areas by reducing reliance on coal for electricity generation and helping to solve the issue during peak loads by utilizing the wind energy potential of Mongolia. The Project will have a positive benefit through the displacement of greenhouse gas emissions produced through thermal energy generation. Approximately 230,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions would be displaced as a result of the Project. There would be 180,000 tons of coal and 1.2 million tons of water saved through Project implementation.
Production of electricity at the wind farm will overall help reduce the amount of imported electricity. The Project has indirect benefits of helping to facilitate further infrastructure development for railway, road and electrical infrastructure.